à la mode

/ä lä ˈmōd/

adverb & adjective

1. in fashion; up to date.    2.served with ice cream.

June 30, 1981: An NBC news piece tells the story of my family joining the circus. It features my grandma (the school teacher and organist), my grandpa (on trombone) my uncle (tuba), my mom (showgirl in the ring with the elephants) and my dad (on trumpet)...and I'm the baby in the playpen by the bandstand.

I'm a third-generation performer who started when my family of musicians ran away with the circus. 

When I first left home, I spent several years in jazz clubs and circus schools in France. I went on to study at San Francisco's Circus Center, then teach at Cirque School LA, helping co-found their stretching program. I polished my technique with acclaimed aerialists Elena Panova, Helene Turcotte and Aloysia Gavre, and learned stretching zen from Mongolian contortion phenomenons Serchmaa Byamba and Ganchimeg Oyunchimeg.

As an emerging performance artist I was drawn to burlesque because it reminded me of my glitzy childhood. I believe that wardrobe is an essential story-telling device and I love making and designing my outrageous costumes. 

I was featured as an aerialist in a Chevrolet Superbowl commercial with the cast of Glee, The Zoppe Family Circus, Circus Flora, and as the opening act for Willie Nelson. As a singer and dancer, I performed in the Burlesque Hall of Fame pageant, the Stockholm Burlesque Festival,  as a chanteuse in Teatro Zinzanni and was labeled "The Brick Dollhouse" by Quentin Tarantino. 


I'm currently based out of Kansas City, where I'm performing, producing, and teaching workshops. For more information on custom made costumes and aerial straps or how to bring my circus your way, please visit my contact page.