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I offer several classes in aerial technique, flexibility and artistic development, described below. Please send me your name, email, workshops that interest you, and any questions you may have. I will get back to you with pricing and availability.

Begin your aerial journey with Trapeze. As the oldest and most versatile apparatus, it is the foundation for all other aerial forms. In this workshop, you'll build strength, learn aerial vocabulary, and hone spatial awareness as you develop the techniques necessary to achieve fluidity in both static and dynamic movement. I will teach the proper form and technique in ankle hangs, beats, and balances, plus lay the foundation for dynamic moves.

Expand on the techniques mastered in Beginning Trapeze. Learn proper form for ankle hangs to achieve dynamic release moves. I will also teach more advanced hangs (heel, toe, and neck) and other advanced techniques. Prerequisite: Please be comfortable executing pull-ups, pull-overs, and intermediate level tricks.

Hand loops, foot loops, and spinning—oh, my! Welcome to the wild world of Spanish Web! Get to know one of the most classic aerial circus apparatuses. Discover how to set the web effectively and spin with smooth transitions. I will also introduce climbs and Corde Lisse elements to incorporate into your repertoire.

Learn to build and combine the ingredients of a compelling act. This workshop will cover everything from musical analysis and the pacing of tricks to characterization and costuming. It is unnecessary to prepare an entire act, but please come with a rough draft or idea in mind.

Expand your aerial vocabulary and build on a mastery of the basics. This workshop introduces more advanced techniques, including: knee hang from the top and bottom, back arches from different points, advanced hangs (heel, toe, and neck), dynamic moves, spins, and advanced flexibility moves. I will teach you to distinguish which moves translate easily between Hoop and Trapeze, and how to make modifications.


Want to learn effective ways of stretching the hamstrings, hips, shoulders and back? This class will give you the tools you need to achieve maximum flexibility, gorgeous lines and teach you how to stretch from head to toe. The curriculum is based on the teachings of Mongolian contortion. Whether you are just looking to touch your toes or you are already working on tricks, these techniques are both accessible and challenging.

Please bring a clean pair of socks with you to class!

Amazing acts need support from intentional costume choices. Learn to enhance your stage presence through costuming. You'll discover how to create functional and flattering leotards, enhance lines, use color as a storytelling aid, and dress for your unique body in motion. I will teach a variety of topics including: patterning, color choices, trim and accessories, and costume needs specific to circus acts. In addition, I will share examples of my own costume successes and failures. Proficiency in sewing is not required. Please bring any costume ideas, attempts, and inspirations of your own that you wish to discuss.